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Vencedor do maior evento de inovação da América Latina

WHAT IS eLECTRIC d.m.o.n.l?

Electric D.M.O.N.L (Devices with Material and Objects Non Lethals) is a new kind of protection but the most specialists in security segment has started to call it new armour. Our solution is a technology that nobody can transpose without  being exposed to a non-lethal electric discharge. 

Everybody is completely safe as long as they do not try to pass the electric barrier without authorization;



It is composed of a mix of materials with electrical conductivity covered by dielectric material that keeps the electricity distributed in diferent ways inside the surface.

When someone tries to destroy the surface, the dielectric material is destroyed too, and who tries to transpose that barrier, will be exposed too a no lethal electrical discharge.

Everybody is completely safe as long as they do not try to destroy the electric barrier surface. 



Surface destroyed



It is composed of materials with electrical conductivity and flexibility that  keep the electricity exposed on the surfaces. This option is presented as a transposable courtain that allows cars to pass without any problem, but if someone tries to follow it on foot, it will be immediately exposed to a non-lethal electrical discharge.


People inside the car are completely safe because of the Faraday Cage principle. The car is a perfect Faraday Cage.


11 Jul 2019

Have gone at LAAD was really important! To be able to talk about our solutions for many delegations around the world, we have constructed important partnerships!

Thank you very much ABIMDE for the singular opportunity.

23 Mar 2019

It was a great honour to present our solutions to the Brazilian Force!

I'm very proud to have got here and really believe that our story is just beginning.

12 Mar 2019

I must confess that i'm so proud to deserve talking about innovation at the biggest security event in Latin America. We will also present our innovations at the ABIMDE's Stand at the event.

23 Feb 2019

Internal electrical armor to prevent cargo thieves. It is capable of causing an electric discharge of 20 thousand volts only when a drilling occurs for the attempted break-in.

The electric shock is not lethal, but certainly strong enough to keep the thugs away fr...

5 Feb 2019

Acting as "The voice of the Defense and Security industries", and officially recognized as the main Association of the sector, Abimde presents and values as domestic companies abroad and Abimde has participated actively in all phases of the life of the products...

29 Nov 2018

It's a great honor have his support!

28 Jun 2018

 Neste evento a minha cabeça mudou! Ví um universo novo em um novo país! Toronto realmente respira inovação!

Vamos trabalhar para abrir horizontes!

26 Jun 2018

“Blindagem” elétrica para ERBs para impedir o roubo do banco de Baterias e demais equipamentos. Identificamos que as ERBs são frequentemente vandalizadas, principalmente pelo valor agregado que elas contêm, incluindo o banco de baterias. O meu cliente é a própri...

20 Jun 2018

Foi um momento único! A primeira reação, a receptividade das pessoas do mercado, tudo foi percebido. Críticas construtivas inclusive! Nada diferente do esperado.  

13 Jun 2018

Primeira matéria na TV SBT.

3 Jun 2018

Receber o primeira confirmação que receberemos a Carta Patente na Rússia foi realmente um momento para ficar na minha história! Foi o primeiro país.

2 Jan 2018

Quando se decide empreender, cada dia temos surpresas, algumas ruins, é claro, mas outras muito boas. Essa, com certeza, faz parte das boas, e se Deus quiser, fará parte das melhores! Queremos as nossas soluções no segmento da Telefonia! Mais um desafio, muito t...

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